Midnight Dreams FAQ

Who can attend Midnight Dreams?

Midnight Dreams is designed for individuals aged 21 and over. Please ensure you have a valid form of identification to verify your age upon entry.

What is Midnight Dreams?

Midnight Dreams is an immersive nightlife experience, combining music, visuals, and a lively atmosphere. It’s a journey through seven unique rooms, each featuring different genres and eras of music, accompanied by stunning visuals. You can enjoy your favorite drinks as you explore.

When does Midnight Dreams take place?

Midnight Dreams takes place every Friday and Saturday from 8 PM to close.

Who can attend Midnight Dreams?

Midnight Dreams is designed for individuals aged 21 and over. Please ensure you have a valid form of identification to verify your age upon entry.

Can I drink at Midnight Dreams?

Yes, guests are welcome to savor their favorite drinks as they roam through the experience.

What types of music will be featured at Midnight Dreams?

Midnight Dreams celebrates music in all its diversity. Our rooms feature a variety of genres and eras, providing a rich and encompassing auditory experience for music lovers of all types.

How long can I stay at Midnight Dreams?

Guests are welcome to stay anytime between opening at 9 PM to close.

Do I need to book in advance?

While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend booking in advance to guarantee your spot.

How can I book a ticket for Midnight Dreams?

Tickets can be booked through our website. Simply click on “Book Now” to select your preferred date and time.

Is there a dress code for Midnight Dreams?

While there’s no strict dress code at Midnight Dreams, we encourage you to bring your ‘A’ game! With countless picture-perfect moments, dressing up can only enhance your experience and the memories you’ll capture. Dress to impress and make the most out of every photo opportunity!

What health and safety measures are in place?

We prioritize the health and safety of our guests. We are closely following the latest guidelines issued by the local health authorities and will keep our guests updated with any changes.

How is Midnight Dreams different from Time to Dream?

While both Midnight Dreams and Time to Dream offer immersive audio-visual experiences, they cater to different audiences and offer unique experiences. Midnight Dreams is designed specifically for adults 21 and over. It’s a free-roaming experience where guests can explore seven rooms at their own pace, each with different popular music and original visuals. You’re welcome to savor a drink as you roam and absorb the atmosphere. On the other hand, Time to Dream is a family-friendly experience designed to engage people of all ages. It’s a guided 70-minute journey through different rooms with original music and visuals. In each room, guests spend about 10 minutes to fully soak in the experience. Please note that alcohol is not permitted in the Time to Dream experience. Both experiences offer unique ways to explore and engage with music and visuals. Choose the one that best fits your preferences, or try them both for a full range of experiences!

What is the cost of Midnight Dreams and what does it include?

The ticket price for Midnight Dreams is $36. Each ticket includes entry to the experience. For our local residents, as well as veterans and active military personnel, we offer a special discounted price of $29 as our way of saying thank you. Please note that proof of residency or military status will be required at the door to qualify for the discounted rate. rate.

Is there parking available?

If you plan to park at Fashion Show Mall for Midnight Dreams, please do so in the Red Parking Lot.

Fantasy Lab FAQ

What is Fantasy Lab?

Fantasy Lab is a collection of artists and visionaries collaborating to create living stories and unique experiences. Seven spaces (Labyrinth, Circus, Stars, Nightmare, Kaleidoscope, Insomnia, Enlightenment) house various emotions and sensations reaching the subconscious, where each person will experience different emotions and feelings like nostalgia, madness, and even fear. Fantasy Lab is an immersion into the dream world with LED lights to illuminate the lives of attendees, thousands of meters of cable to tie up their fears, the watts needed to listen to their subconscious, and the perfect number of mirrors to see each ego reflected. An immersive experience in which your emotions will be taken to their maximum level through technology.

What are Fantasy Lab’s ticket prices?

No ticket is required to enter Fantasy Lab’s restaurant and bar area.

For our Time to Dream Experience:

General Admission (Ages 11 and up)$39
Nevada Residents (Ages 11 and up)$36
Veteran and Active Service$36
65 and Older$36
For kids 10 and under$30
  • Membership – Special prices and discounts apply for our members on our website.
  • Group discounts – We offer group discounts depending on dates and the number of guests in a group. Please contact us for inquiries related to these discounts at Guest Services.
  • All ages are welcome in the Time to Dream experience, guests under 14 are required to be accompanied by an adult (21 years of age or older)

Where is Fantasy Lab located?

We are located on Level 1 at Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas

We have two entrances into the venue.

  1. Indoor entrance is located within the mall next to Capital One Café
  2. Outdoor entrance is situated between Forever 21 and Rideshare Pickup / Valet Area

Our address is: 3200 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste. #1115, Las Vegas, NV 89109

At what times can I visit Fantasy Lab?

At what times can I visit Fantasy Lab?

Restaurant and Bar Hours of Operation:

Monday11AM - 8PM
Tuesday11AM - 8PM
Wednesday11AM - 8PM
Thursday11AM - 8PM
Friday10AM - 9PM
Saturday10AM - 9PM
Sunday11AM - 7PM

Refer to our check-in and scheduled ticket policy below.

Fashion Show Mall closing store hours are earlier than Fantasy Lab. However, Fantasy Lab will keep its outside entrance between Forever 21 and valet parking area until closing times above.